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20 April 2007 @ 01:59 pm
I'm back!  
I'll just divide it all with cuts, that way if you want to just skip straight to the stuff about Ten Inch Hero, you can (though really, I think Aimee and I are pretty entertaining). But, fair warning, I'm not skimping on details of some of the scenes so if there's a chance you'll get to see it and you don't want to be spoiled, skip it. If you don't care, then hey, by all means read all about it! Now, ready for the overly detailed tale? I thought so!

First, my bus trip started out with me sitting by a prince among men. Truly. *rolls eyes* I get on the bus and there's really no seats that are by themselves left. So I ask this guy if anyone's sitting in the seat next to him and get a snotty no in reply. Well, okay then buddy, excuuuuuuuse me for wanting to sit my butt down so we could get moving. Yeah, so I sit down and then within fifteen minutes the guy gets up to go to the bathroom and then comes back and sits next to the guy across from me. Cool by me, sitting by him would have been awkward. And sucky. (By the way, later this guy moved again once a seat freed up so that he could sit by himself after our stop.)

Anyway! Other than that and the kid who babbled happily to her mom about the cars driving by, the ride was uneventful. No insane cowboys or creepy old men, so big yay there.

And once I got to Tucson, Aimee and I were very relieved to find that the other one was not a man. (At least Aimee could have run off if I was a guy. I'd have been screwed, lol. She'd be able to see me coming and turn around and leave then get on LJ and tell everyone "Nicole's not a girl! She's a man who probably pays some girl to pretend to be her over the phone!" or something. If Aimee had been a guy I'd have been stuck there. And I'd have pretended not to speak English and tried to explain in broken Spanish or French that I was there to meet a man named Buster or something before barricading myself in the women's restroom.) We then ended up getting a lost on the way to the motel, which was pretty damn funny actually. Think about it. I've never stopped in Arizona before, we usually just drive on through, so I was useless when it came to directions. Poor Aimee was on her own there. I was just good for holding the MapQuest directions.

So we find the motel and we're on our way to check in and there's this guy standing there with a cube of Bud Light near the office (which happens to be by his room). Now, you know when a guy says hi to a girl in one of those stupid voices that he thinks is sexy and will get the response of "Oh yeah, take me baby!" or something? That's this guy who decides to say hello to Aimee in Spanish. (Sadly, I only rated an English hello. This is me, heartbroken.) Yup, yay you dude. You can say hello in two languages! Bravo!

Check in, blah blah, and then since neither of us was really hungry we decided to hit the mall. On the way, we got a bit lost and that meant I got a tour of the ghetto part of Tucson - \o/. But we did find the mall, so yay! We went and saw the puppies (so cute! I want one!) and then went to Suncoast because New Mexico doesn't have that anymore. Bastards. Anyway, we spent who knows how long in front of the box sets looking at ones that we were never going to buy because, hey, $50.00 or whatever. No. That didn't stop me from pointing at Felicity and calling it Firefly by mistake. *facepalm* We won't go there. We wandered around and each found a movie to buy, checked out the anime and ended up in front of the box sets again for awhile. Eventually we left because we were finally hungry.

What do we do when we're hungry? We end up at Carl's Jr. because waiting on pizza will take awhile and we figure we can snack on something from there while we wait for the pizza. Our idea of a snack? We each get a #3.

So once we get to the room, we have our combo meals and a bag of Twizzlers and a big bag of M&Ms to hold us over. And here's the part where I start laughing. Time to order the pizza. Deciding was easy. The number for Domino's is right there on the keys to the room and so we figure a large meat lovers will do for the night along with a big bottle of Coke. So I call (or attempt to - who knew I'd have to use the area code when calling from Aimee's phone?) and once I finally get through, I tell the lady what we want and she needs the number so I gave her Aimee's. Then it turns out, she needs the motel's number since that's where the delivery will be going.

Yeah, we didn't know the number. So we're both searching for it (at one point I got put on hold and in case you wanted to know, that's when you get to listen to the specials in Spanish) and it's not on any of the little posters in the room or anything so Aimee looks it up in the phone book and I find a number on the actual phone but the phone book one is the right one. I give that to her and she tells me that they don't deliver to that motel, this other store does and would I like the number. She says the number pretty damn fast and I don't have a pen to write it down and it doesn't even register that I could just type it into my phone. So once I hang up, all I remember are the last 4 digits and Aimee has to look it up. Is the number in there? No. So we call a different Domino's and I go through the whole damn process again (this time though, Aimee looked up the motel number before I called because, yes, I didn't write it down while I was on the phone last time) and what do I get told? "I'm sorry, we don't deliver there, this other store does. Would you like me to transfer you?" Well, duh and a hell yes.

Wrong fricking store. You'd think at this point, we'd give up, right? No, we wanted our pizza damn it. So instead, I get the number (which was the number the lady had tried to give me but I didn't get to write down) and this time I type it into my phone. And finally, finally, the pizza gets ordered and we can finish our burgers and fries.

Next up...picking a movie and since we decided not to start a series (because then we'd just want to keep on going and watch the rest) it gets narrowed down to Wrong Turn (which is what I bought at Suncoast), Unrest and Resurrection (two of those 8 horror movies from that horror movie film festival). Aaaaand...we couldn't pick. So I text messaged Bethany and told her to pick 1, 2, or 3. Just to make this short, we ended up watching Unrest and then Wrong Turn (which was also picked with the pick a number method, lol). We also hate about half the pizza, drank all the coke, and ate a bunch of candy.

And that would wrap up Thursday since we actually went to bed pretty early.

...well, early for us.

Let's see, Friday? Well, I woke up a hour before my alarm because of the charming kids skateboarding and talking right outside the window. Lovely. Eh, it gave me time to shower and all that. Anyway, once we were ready, we were going to check out but first? Aimee's car had to be wiped down since it had rained the night before and the nice wax job was...um, not so nice anymore what with all the spots. LOL. But once we had done that, we checked out and headed to Phoenix. No breakfast because blegh. Definitely still full from the night before.

The drive wasn't so bad. As a matter of fact it went pretty quick. (During this drive, we realized we should probably at least talk about what was going to happen in TMI but, um, we didn't get too far on that. Oops! Hee. And I got to talk to Kate for a bit.) We did finally get hungry in Phoenix after we found the motel and we ended up at McDonald's. Which, by the way, the one over there? Has Gamecube to play! Why can't the one over here do that? I'd be over there playing games whenever I could. Which is probably why it's a good idea that it doesn't have that. I'd want to go play Spyro or something all the time. Oy.

Let's see, from there we checked in and then we had to find the room which was upstairs and tucked away in this little corner. Found that and dropped our stuff in there and decided to go find where the film festival was so we wouldn't be wandering around aimlessly when it got close to the movie.

Finding the exit? Took forever it seemed. Not becuase it's hard to find or anything, it was just far out there. Or it felt like that when we were looking for it and then we looked at the directions and realized that it wasn't weird that it was taking so long since it was about 20 exits down from where we started at. We found the street that the theater was supposed to be on pretty easily but then we had to find the theater. The street sign had the same address number that we needed so we turned into a building on there that looked like it might have a film festival. And, as Aimee pointed out, those were some damn expensive cars and some of the spots were reserved so we figured, what the heck? And then we walked up to the building and saw the sign declaring it was a management office/graduate school and realized that, no, that's probably not where the film festival was. But we went in there and asked if they had a bathroom. (Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.) And yeah, we took in anything we might want autographed because we didn't know at first. *shrugs*

After that, we continued to drive around for awhile until we sort of stumbled on the theater when we went into this little shopping center. Yay us! So we went into the tent to figure out where to get the tickets and found this silent auction that they were going to be having all weekend and I so wish I could have afforded some of that stuff...and that I'd been there for when they announced who would actually get the stuff since that was happening on Sunday. But there was all sorts of autographed posters and DVDs. Very nifty. Then we got hijacked by the wine tasting people and the white? Way better than the red that they had. Once we had done that and gotten our picture taken by one of the wine tasting guys, we went to get our tickets and then decided to head back to the motel for awhile.

That would be when we noticed the drive-in on the way back and decided that after the movie we'd stop and see if Grindhouse was playing. But anyway, we ended up back at the motel, relaxed, freshened up and watched a bit of Madagascar (and now I want to see the rest of it) before we ended up at Phoenix Zoo where we took a bazillion pictures (of the animals, not a single one of each other, lol) and I used up the rest of the pictures left on my camera. They told us they'd be closing about 40 minutes after we got there...we were there for over a hour. Oh well, not like we were the only ones. Plus? These kids were going to spending the night there. How much fun would that be? *g* But yes, after the zoo, we left for theater.

We got there with plenty of time to spare so we walked around the tent from before again for awhile before trying to get in but the guy told us there was a separate line for people with single tickets rather than a pass to multiple movies or anything like that. So we waited in that for a bit and then some people started going in so we thought that meant everyone could go in so we headed back to the door and once again got sent back. Now, keep in mind that all the trying to get in started with about ten, fifteen minutes before the movie was going to start. So there we go back to the line. This started happening again but instead of both of us going up and losing our spot in line, I went up to see what was going on and yeah, me and the other people got sent back. Then only a few minutes to 8:00 (when the movie was supposed to start), we went to talk to someone and this girl had to go bathroom and told that to the guy at the door and got let in (with a single ticket). So we told him we wanted to get a drink, maybe use the bathroom and went in. Pretty sure they started seating a few minutes after that but Jesus, who knows? Anyway, we got our drinks and into the theater we went (where the guy at that door was like "Hey, if this is where you're supposed to be just go on in, don't worry." Yeah, we could have used you earlier, pal.).

Last warning...you don't want to be spoiled? Skip this section completely. If not, then read on!

Let's just get this out of the way. I loved the movie. I went in expecting to be entertained, sure. But I went in and got sucked in by the movie completely. I laughed, came close to crying a couple times, and left with a grin on my face. Okay, now onto the movie.

The theater? Packed. Aimee and I couldn't get seats in the back half so we ended up sitting about three rows away from the screen. Normally, that might bother me but I ended up not even noticing. Plus, it came in handy later when it turned out the director and producer were there for a Q & A session and we ended up being close to them.

Right, the movie. It's got a good plot, with the character of Piper showing up in this town trying to find the daughter she gave up for adoption and getting involved with the girl and her dad but not telling them who she is, all while she gets a job at the sub shop (such a funny interview...if only it were that easy) and the characters there have their own storylines going as well. And oh hell, I have to get this one out of the way too. Jensen's entrance? That was one of the best entrances in a movie ever. So damn funny. He bursts into the shop, goes "Have no fear!" and does this spazzy ass dance and then finishes with going "I'm here!" And his shirts are great. I want that entire collection of shirts with sayings on them.

Anyway, the interview consists of answering questions like "Elvis: dead or alive?" and "So, are you a virgin?" because the sign advertising for help says "Normal people need not apply." Yeah, I want to work there, damn it. Anyway! Piper obviously gets the job. Tish is the girl trying to find a guy who's a 10 in bed (and also happens to be a good guy on top of that) and does this by telling each guy she goes out with that she's never had an orgasm with a guy before so that they'll try their hardest. (No pun intended.) Jen is having an online romance with some guy she's never met and they've never given each other they're names either. Trucker is in love with the owner of the Wiccan store across the street, Zo. And Priestly? He likes giving out advice while trying to hide what he's feeling but you can still tell how good of friends he is with the others and how he feels. Noah is the father of the little girl, Julia, and Piper starts tutoring her in art. Watching that, you're just shaking your head and going "Oh, that is not going to go well."

Hmm...favorite bits? Besides the shirts? I'd have to say the scene where Priestly volunteers to go to the store for the supplies they're out of and then realizes he's going to have to buy tampons (ahahaha, and he's wearing the kilt in this scene!). Well and the actual scene at the store. Hilarious, the way he calls up Tish and they talk as if he's on some huge mission. He's just staring at all the boxes and bags and whips out his cell and as soon as she answers, he goes "Mission going wrong! Man in need of assistance, I'm in hostile territory!" or soemthing like that and they go from there, getting into this whole discussion of why he should buy the slim regulars and not the super ones and all that. Part of the appeal for me in this scene isn't just all the humor though. These two guys are laughing at him and muttering (not very quietly) about how he's a freak because of his looks and the fact that he's buying tampons as he walks to the cashier and you can actually see the way he falters and then the way he pushes passed the remarks and turns it around on them completely by saying the fact that he's buying tampons means that he's in a meaningful, intimate relationship with a woman he's having sex with regularaly and they're comfortable enough with each other for him to buy some of her most personal things while they're standing around near the phallic shaped objects in a store with each other. The cashier gives him a high five and he walks out going "Peace!" and going from making the peace sign to flipping them off.

I also liked the friendship between the girls (and all the characters in general). The way Tish doesn't just ditch Jen and Piper because the guy she's seeing wants her to because it's the weekend that Jen agrees to meet her online guy and she promised that she'd go. Trucker going completely tongue-tied and "Uh...huh?" every time Zo is around. Priestly getting pissed when Jen leaves the guy hanging because she thought he was too good-looking and wouldn't want her because he hates that she doesn't want to be judged by her looks but was perfectly okay doing it to him. Tish dumping the douche bag that she's seeing (oh dude, you were so gay for your roommate, just admit it...taking him on dates and wanting threesomes but not asking if he can join, just assuming he can? Yeah.) and Priestly tackling the guy when he smacks her. (Of course, then while he's checking if Tish is okay, the guy sucker punches Priestly and he goes down, hitting his head on the cement and he's out of the fight. Then Trucker comes and hands the guy's ass to him.)

Sean Patrick Flanery did a great job as Noah and playing the dad who wants what's best for his child but isn't sure of how he's doing. I definitely liked each of his scenes and not even because I like the actor.

I won't completely ruin the ending for you guys - though if you want to know, feel free to ask and I'll answer. Also? I got very attached to the punk look of Priestly's. *nods* I liked it. He actually turned out to be my favorite character and not because Jensen was playing him (like some of you weren't thinking it ~_^). It's a great character, as are the rest of them. They keep you interested in what's happening to them.

Oh! The Q & A with the director and producer (though the producer didn't really talk as much). The director pretty much called all of us in the front out as Jensen fangirls because the girls a few seats down from me and Aimee chanted for Priestly to show up and at one point went "Oooh yeah!" when he showed up in a scene. Yeah, called out by the director. Ah well. He was talking about what else you can see the actors in and then said that all of us in the front could probably tell the rest of the audience and handed the microphone off to one of the girls in front and she listed pretty much Jensen's entire filmography starting with Days of Our Lives and ending with Supernatural (a couple girls even threw in his stint on Sweet Valley High and Wishbone). Clea DuVall, the girl blanked out so Aimee threw out The Faculty. The producer tried to list Sean Patrick Flanery's stuff but had to be reminded of The Boondock Saints. (And I was sitting there going "You forgot Simply Irresistable and when he was on The Dead Zone.")

Okay, so the director was right. We were able to name filmographies for the actors. Sadly, no stories from on set were told though they said they're working on getting a soundtrack out and even better, the film is going to Cannes! Yay! And DVDs and the like are happening too if I remember right. (They're hoping for theater release but nothing concrete.) They got asked how they both got into the business and if they were working on anything else together (yeah, they're looking through scripts now) and also talked about the writer of the script and how they didn't actually meet her until they were filming. Well, actually one story from set was told because someone wanted to know about the car that Jensen drove and they talked about how it was originally supposed to be a green VW Bug but he had to tilt his head to the side when driving so they switched the car.

Aimee and I briefly talked to the director and each got his autograph before going to the after party. (No spottings of Jane Seymour, who was there for the screening of her movie.) We got stopped by some guy with a camera who asked if we'd been there for TIH and what we thought of it and then we went into the tent but nothing was really happening so we went back in the theater for the bathroom and passed by this huge group of people (interviewing actors from one of the other movies...couldn't tell you who though) and left.

So yes, I loved the movie, it was great and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD so I can have it and watch it and cheer myself up whenever I want. It's definitely a feel good movie.

Aimee and I spent the drive back talking about the movie and deciding that we wanted pizza again so we'd go to the drive-in, see if they were playing the movie and then go for pizza and head back. We got to the drive-in and we found out they were playing Grindhouse at about 1:20 or something but the gates closed at midnight and we wouldn't have time for the pizza and coming back. So the guy told us we could go in then and see Dead Silence and just stick around for Grindhouse. So we did.

Aimee went to go get drinks and popcorn once the movie started, which left me alone to get creeped out by the stupid dummy on screen (because as we discovered, we both find dummies creepy) whispering and moving on its own. Which, besides the clown dummy (a clown dummy? Jesus, that's the creepiest thing EVER), was the only scary part of the movie. Yup, the dummies were creepy and the rest of the time was spent trying to figure out what kind of car the guy in the movie drove. Oh and we talked to Raven for a little while too. So Dead Silence? Bah. Eh. Whatever. Grindhouse? Good! *nods* We never got our pizza though because when I went to go get it during Grindhouse, I was told they were closed. Um, hello? You're still playing movies (one of which is 3 fricking hours long) and you closed the concession stand? Dumbasses.

And what do you think we did after? Did we go to bed after this movie, knowing that we had to be up in time to have me back in Tucson and at the bus station by 11:00? Nooooo. We went back to the motel and ended up watching part of Robocop 3 until about 5:00 in the morning. (And trying to figure out what the hell was going on since neither of us could actually remember Robocop 3.)

Morning came, we checked out and realized that somewhere between the drive-in and the motel, we'd lost the directions on how to get out of Phoenix. So we figure, gas is needed anyway so we can just get the directions on how to get to the exit then.

That pole near the gas pump? Much closer than it seemed. Poor Aimee's car. Got dented and the paint cracked and well, then we got the gas and the directions and headed out fast because we were running a bit late. About the next hour was spent trying to get away from the very slow people and each of us mentally cussing people out and then we started doing that out loud. Yeah we went about 90 for most of the way there and even passed my bus. LOL. We made it back with about 30 minutes to spare and I got to have them look through my purse and run the wand all over me to make sure I wasn't going to, I don't know, blow up the bus or something. (Which was weird because I didn't have to do that in Las Cruces and they didn't have that going when Aimee came to pick me up so who knows?)

The drive back was longer than the one on the way to Tucson and the bus was way more crowded but I sat next to this nice older man who was going from LA to Houston to go see his son who was in the hospital. And I finished the book I had started on the bus ride to Tucson and then came damn close to finishing my other book. ^_^ Dana picked me up from the bus station because her bosses gave her the night off and we went to watch the girls do their thing in Greek Sing (they did awesome by the way). And after Greek Sing? Foood!

And that's it (I know, you're going "That's it? That's a damn ass novel!" but I did warn you). That was my weekend last week. (Really, this post was supposed to be up on Monday but crap happened.) To top it all off? On Monday, I got to see Sugarcult for free, as well as William Tell, got to meet them and get their autographs. It was awesome! (Except for the mosh pit incident but I can get into that in another post.)

Oh! And because Aimee and I didn't play our Supernatural drinking game the way we talked about doing, I thought I'd post this in honor of the drinking game:

Supernatural Drinking Game - complete with help from the boys!
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Kateslayerkate on April 21st, 2007 04:10 am (UTC)
Aww. I wish I could have gone with you guys. But considering I had a seizure on Tuesday, it's probably better that I didn't. It might have happened sooner or something, and that's definitely not the kind of thing I wish on anybody - having to see that. I already feel horrible enough that Joe's seen me having them twice now.

I've got a doctor's appointment Monday, though.

I can't wait to see this movie. :)
Nicoleblue_icy_rose on April 23rd, 2007 07:11 pm (UTC)
Yeah, your health is definitely more important. Good luck with your doctor's appointment!

Yes! The movie is wonderful! *g*
Aimée: Dean - Sam vs. Fangirlsspnaimee on April 28th, 2007 06:47 am (UTC)
Ahahaha. Haha. HA! Go again? I mean... okay. I worked my ass off on my car and she got dented. I don't want to plow her into another pole... Um... FOREIGNER! Sorry. Fun commercial advertising Foreigner coming to the Desert Diamon Casino in Tucson. How awesome would Jukebox Hero be in person? Must drag token Kansas pretty boy there to watch, he loves em.

Hm? OH! Yes, fun! We're morons for not taking pictures of each other. And ugh, I want pizza. I miss pizza. *pokes stomach* On the other hand, I miss my abs, too. So I guess I'll resist the Festival diet and stick to the ab crunch ball.

Bwahahahaha. *points at TV* Aw, Tommy's so short and adorable. Poor guy, he's fairly massive but freak Jared just dwarfs him. *is watching TNT's presentation of Cheaper By The Dozen. Speaking of Jare, Saturn got an order online from a Gerald Padalecki in San Antone. Nifty. Yay him! This is where the fangirl brain runs off and starts plotting whilst the larger section of rational squishy tissue just reclines and tries to seperate the weird fangirl tumor and expell it from... an ear. Or something. It's how it went, damn it.

But no, it's best to not harass the potential family members. It's very rude and they don't tend to view their children the samway the fans do. Fans, after all, did not have to change Jared's diapers. And I for one still don't want to. That would be weird and somewhat perverse unless he had a medical excuse.

And awww. I wanna watch the movie again. Tried to narrow down why (supplies run, hee) but in all reality I loved all of the storylines and how they wove together. Which I remember telling the director. Not sure if he was paying attention, lol. But I did love the script and the actors. Makes me feel as if I should brush up on my OTH.

Hee. The guy's expression when I asked if there were bathrooms. We were soooooo out of place. Keep in mind, people, this was a classy marble and stone polished building. Very up-scale. The front desk dude had a tailored suit. The parking lot was atuffed with Jags, Beamers, Saabs, Infinitis, Porshes... and we were not dressed up at ALL. Asking where to go take a dump.

It was a nice bathroom.

Next time? We play out drinking game!! We really would have but didn't want to start a season. That's the only reason I had, anyway. I would've gladly gone for Smirnoff and Captain Morgan (which I took in shots after being already fairly out of it-Jereck's fault). Captain Morgan's effect on me? Superman-like nervous system. I bashed my head violently back into a wall twice (migrane type blow to the skull, mind you. HEY! The head was heavy and the neck couldn't hold it up). Felt nothing. Heard a huge thud, felt a light tap. But everyone around me was visually checking me for bleeding. I thought it was funny. And the next morning there was still no pain. Go me!

Anywho. Night! Fourteen hour workday tomorrow!
Aiméespnaimee on April 28th, 2007 06:58 am (UTC)
AHAHA! Drinking game. *logs off YouTube and really is going to sleep now*